Thursday, December 16, 2010


I'm grateful for having less. I have watched a few shows lately with people on them that have a ton of money. They are so involved with themselves that they can't see all the good around them and all the good that they can do with their money. They have nannies, housecleaners, house managers (seriously?), they fly out of state to get their hair done, they bicker and argue and throw temper tantrums when things don't go their way. They are missing out on so much! They miss out on the joy and hard work of raising their own kids. They miss out on the happiness I feel when I've finally got my house clean, and know that I did it by myself. They miss out on meeting someone new and giving them a chance. They miss out on learning to get along with other people, even if your views and opinions are different. I never thought that I would be really, truly grateful for not having money. I'd say I was, but not really be :). But really, truly, if that's the way people with a lot of money are, I am grateful for having less.

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  1. Having a bunch of money would probably make me a greedy, whiney person :) I'm sure the Lord knew what he was doing when He gives me JUST ENOUGH to cover my needs and most of my wants! (We've got to get you some more channels to watch on TV!) xoxoxoo